boys don’t cry

what does masculinity mean to you?

powerful, strong, tough?

athletic, big, stoic?

have you ever noticed that when you don’t fit in those categories, you get called a faggot?

or a pussy, or a bitch, and you get told general catch-all sentences like “boys don’t cry”?

we aren’t innately born to act like a brooding man who hides his feelings, we are socialized to do so.

this is a common pattern for most men — that’s why it’s apart of a system. it’s “tradition” to be a man.

it’s not your fault. it’s just what we know.

we continue to be socialized to push away all things that are feminine: vulnerability, crying, emotions, softness.

we instead mask them, with the only socially acceptable emotion: anger.

and we all know how anger effects the people around us —

but what about ourselves?

men commit suicide 3.57x more than women (afsp)

we can’t keep holding our emotions in

we have to let them out

try the “experiences” tab — it will help. it’s all anonymous.